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Horny Women : I drove to the lorry park late one night. Start out with a nice compliment You look great today!” I love your shirt it makes your eyes sparkle.” You get the idea just a simple sweet compliment is all you need to get the ball rolling.Si Tito Roy ay bunsong kapatid ni mama at doon ako titira sa kanilang compound kasama ng kanyang 3 … Read More

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Every Sunday morning prior to service I, Father Amaro, must prepare the altar to receive the congregation. In my story Holiday Showmance (Brief Encounters, Mischief) my heroine Vicky feels threatened by a Swedish divorcee who clearly fancies her boyfriend, Stuart.What this means is that, in his inability to transcend and overcome the psychology of … Read More

When was the last time you tried out for a team and failed to make it? I have written several Hubs here on HubPages about Apartheid from various points of view and its impact on African people.It is indeed frustrating to suffer of fatigue and sexual weakness and to worry over your ability of making love with a woman because you leaked too much seme… Read More